LCD Soundsystem // I Can Change

and love is a curse
shoved in a hearse
love is an open book to a verse
of your bad poetry

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"I so admire Grimes. I’m probably around 20 years older than her, and it’s cool to have someone so much younger than me who, in a way, I look up to. The fact that she produces her own music and is proud of it is really cool. I’m glad she calls herself a feminist. With Le Tigre, we considered ourselves a feminist punk band, and we really wanted one of those dividers at the record store—that said ‘Classic Rock’ or ‘Punk’ or whatever—to say ‘Feminist Electronic Punk.’ It would be like us and Peaches. Now Grimes would be there."

- Riot grrrl originator Kathleen Hanna on Grimes, from Jenn Pelly's 5-10-15-20 interview. (via pitchfork)

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Water Me - FKA Twigs

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"You know Teensy, ever since you quit drinkin’ you stopped makin any sense"

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Best albums of 2013: Musicians pick their favourite records of the year

Theresa Wayman, Warpaint: Kanye West – Yeezus

The first time I heard Yeezus, I didn’t get it and I didn’t like it. It sounded contrived, trying too hard to be something different. What others were lauding as passion just felt like the need to be loud, like a kid trying to get attention by acting out. But surprisingly, upon second listen, my feelings took a 180. As it turns out, the things I love most about the album are the exact reasons I didn’t understand it at first – its inventiveness, its daring, its ability to break the mould. Now I feel I’ve never heard anything so passionate in my life. It’s supercharged with true and exciting emotions and doesn’t hold back.

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